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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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There are times when you are in such a hurry, you get to be oblivious of the things around you and worst is you forget where you put some of your important stuff like your cell phone. You need to be prepared for times like that, so you need GPS Track SMS love( phone).

GPS Track SMS love( phone) is a clever tool that you can install on your phone and serves as a big help in case you lose your phone. You just need to immediately text the phone that you lost to activate its ‘auto-send SMS’, meaning, even if no one creates a message on the phone that you’ve lost, it will reply to the SMS that you sent. The catch is, this SMS also comes with a GPS direction, so if in case someone got your phone, you’ll know where to locate them.

As long as you have activated the ‘auto-send SMS’ function of GPS Track SMS love( phone), it will send you SMS every after 10 minutes even if the SIM card is already removed and changed. This is definitely a must have.

New features, SMS opening rings, set sendback frequency

,automatic callback call

If you want to install this program in a phone that hold by your couple or lover or anyone that you intent to supervise their track, then you must notify and agreed with them, if any behavior infringe low that at your own risk.

As to the bona fide monitoring (for example, loss of wise men or handicapped) mobile phones should be placed in the form suitable to prevent the gangster .

This program request GPS and network, the phone installed this program that must support GPS and network function.

When you losted your phone, you can send a SMS by any cell phone that SMS context with your lost phone number, the lost phone receive this SMS, will send back immediately, and meanwhile send to the phone number that you pre-input in this program.

Auto send back SMS action via receive the notify SMS that SMS context with your lost phone number, when this function actived it will auto send back SMS per 10min or GPS detect 100 meters move, meanwhile send SMS to pre-input receiver automatically, even quit program, it still executing in background, If you want to stop this function, you must return program input correct passwords and press [stop auto-send] button.)

Start SMS new features are as follows:

1. lost cell phone number for SMS content: "0912345678" SMS holds it muted return, in the lost mobile phone screen displays the message.

2. Lost cell phone number +700 for SMS content: "0912345678700" holds it and return the lost mobile phone opens the funny noisy rings, also in the lost mobile phone screen display message

3. Lost cell phone number + 001~060 for SMS content: "0912345678001" ~ "0912345678060" reset the timer frequency 1-60 minutes of feedback SMS. code 700 and this feature may be turned on noisy mix of rings, if the value is out of range in muted return

4. Transfer this phone number +900, as [0912345678900] this phone automatically back dial phone and return holds SMS function.

5. Transfer this phone number +000, as [0912345678000] stop this phone return holds SMS function.

Attention: when user lost phone that must send the notify SMS immediately to active the auto send back SMS function, when it running even the lost phone be changed SIM card , it still work.

you can manual send SMS(Can be used as a mass-sending SMS) and email

The context of SMS and email includesenderlikely spot(closely address)phone-timeGPS-timelatitudelongitudealtitudespeedany mobile phone receive the message that easy understand and quickly reaction.

Find map by address then display longitude and latitude.

Find map by longitude and latitude then display closely address.

Send GPS location with SMS input receive phone number, if you want to input multiple phone number that separate with comma. After you completed the program store them automatically.

Send GPS location with email (you can input receiver, if you want to input multiple receiver that separate with comma or semicolon. After you completed the program store them automatically.)

After send SMS or email the GPS will active auto tracking function and draw the path.

Support 4 language: English, Japanese, Chinese (simply), Chinese (traditional)

The main purpose instantiate:

1. When your child or dementia families go outside or miss them shelf, if their phone install this program then you can send the SMS that context with their phone number, you will receive SMS with GPS and closely address information to help you to find them.

2. If you lost your phone, you can send a SMS include your lost phone number, when the SMS received by the lost phone which still opening or reopen, it will send back notify SMS immediately.

3. Likely spot (closely address) is checking out from GPS and mobile phone online system, so that is not the

System Requirements:

No special requirements

GPS Track SMS love( phone) 1.5 Free Download screenshot